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about us?

We are a start up UK hedge fund primarily focused on the Derivatives part of the crypto space where we have outsourced 5 proficient and track record verified traders yielding years of experience, who are privately KYC'd with us, that have signed contracts with us to manage the companies assets under their portfolios that have proven time and time again to deliver yearly returns of 1000% + on their spreadsheets.

hedge funds

Hedge funds are pooled investment vehicles that can invest in a wide variety of products, including derivatives, foreign exchange, and publicly traded securities. They can be very volatile depending on the fund manager(s), often leading to high ROIs when managed properly.
Most hedge funds are not widely available to the public directly and are suited to sophisticated and/or institutional investors who typically have sufficient means, expertise, and capacity. StableFarms believes in making investing in hedgefunds simple so every investor no matter how big or small their portfolios are can reap the benefits.


Derivatives are complex financial instruments that have value because they are connected to something else, called the underlying asset. Four most common examples of derivative instruments are Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps.
With expertise knowledge of these markets, as apparent in hedge funds, high ROIs can be realized with relatively low risk.


Leverage trading, in the most basic sense, is any type of trading that involves borrowing money or otherwise increasing the number of shares involved in a trade beyond the number of shares you could afford when paying in cash. The higher the risk, the greater the level of knowledge and experience required to manage the risk, which becomes even more important when trading leveraged products in a volatile market.
StableFarms enables investors to get in on the market by putting their assets in a secured farm with guaranteed ROIs covered by the hedge fund, so that the fund managers can increase the company's equity and maintain larger positions.


Stable farms is a asset management company (Hedge Fund) that allows for Stable Coin pools to be utilized as vehicles for yielding high returns for depositors by means of allowing the deposits/investments to be allocated once every month to our fund managers and to be traded along with their own portfolios to yield low risk/ high reward strategies with risk being mitigated by the following:
  • 1. Even Distribution of assets over 5 managers each with their own trading stratergy.
  • 2. Different risk/reward ratio per manager to guarantee risk distribution mitigation.
  • 3. Largest portion of open position equating to the managers own assets so careless trading is removed from the equation.
Token Information


Our native token will be used for governance and access to the platform where to be able to deposit Stable Coins the user will need to hold at least 25, 000 $SF tokens to be able to access the Dapp. This is a NO tax coin 0% as we believe that tax is unnecessary for our coin and will just complicate things when getting listed on CEX's.
  • 45% - Presale & Liq
  • 20% - APY & Farms 7 day Staking Multiplie
  • 14% - Listing & Development
  • 10% - Traders Shares (2% per manager)
  • 6% - Founders (3% per founder)
  • 5% - Future Marketing

roadmap 2022-2023



We will have our staking pools that will be eligable for 15% per week $SF rewards for the ones who stake and lock up their tokens for 7 days or more! These pools will be active for 45 days only and allow for our long term holders increase the amount of tokens they hold.